Electronic Medical Record

With the amount of work increasing rapidly, paper records are no longer sufficient! Electronic Medical Record is the solution to this situation because not only does it reduce the amount of effort used in maintaining patient reports it also facilitates the maintenance of these records. The patients also benefit by the electronic medical record as they can access the organization thorough its website and can schedule or reschedule appointments by accessing their medical records with prior permission of the clinic.

Making Work Easy

Electronic medical record allows the reduction of storage work as no longer do paper files need to stored and preserved. Apart from that it facilitates better care because medical records are well maintained and can be accessed without a great effort. There are not always all tangible benefits to everything and in the case of electronic medical record as well some benefits like efficient care, better maintained office and patient satisfaction are factors to success in the long run.

Electronic medical record is beneficent for the whole procedure of medical care because with that the standardization of pathways and care protocol can happen. Generating prescriptions and sending the collected to data to labs or receiving data, the whole process is completely simplified.

The term electronic medical record has expanded to include other relevant medical information like electronic health record, electronic patient record, and electronic claims record. However, the greatest impediments in the implementation of electronic medical record are things like social and organizational barriers, privacy etc.

The pricing of electronic medical record systems varies depending upon the kind of requirements and most of the time electronic medical record systems are tailor made because the nature and needs of every practice is different. Electronic medical record then one can safely say is a good investment as in the long run it proves to be a boon both to the patients as well as the medical facility.